TOC: Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 49(3/4)

The negative effect of team’s prior experience and technological turbulence on new service development projects with customer involvement
Pilar Carbonell and Ana Isabel Rodriguez Escudero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer reactions to professionals who use decision aids
Mauricio Palmeira and Gerri Spassova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crafting the market for bottled water: a social praxeology approach
Vinicius Brei and Mark Tadajewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Control mechanisms and goal orientations: evidence from frontline service employees
Luiza Cristina Alencar Rodrigues , Filipe Coelho , and Carlos M. P. Sousa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neural network approach to understanding the children’s market
Jony Oktavian Haryanto, Manuela Silva and Luiz Moutinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of introducing and terminating loyalty programs
Valentyna Melnyk and Tammo Bijmolt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization pathways and the performance of SMEs
Marta Fernández Olmos and Isabel Díez-Vial [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of self-congruity
Rajat Roy and Fazlul K. Rabbanee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Loyalty card adoption in SME retailers: the impact upon marketing management
Karise Hutchinson, Lisa Victoria Donnell, Audrey Gilmore and Andrea Reid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Converting service encounters into cross-selling opportunities: Does faith in supervisor ability help or hinder service-sales ambidexterity?
Ting Yu, Paul Patterson and Ko de Ruyter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hidden consumption behaviour: an alternative response to social group influence
Veronica L. Thomas, Robert D. Jewell and Jennifer Wiggins Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer dominant value creation: A theoretical response to the recent call for a consumer dominant logic for marketing
Thomas Boysen Anker, Leigh Sparks, Luiz Moutinho and Christian Gronroos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Show me the money: Improving our understanding of how organizations generate return from technology-led marketing change
Stan Maklan, Joe Peppard and Philipp Klaus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm-brand community value co-creation as alignment of practices
Per Skålén, Stefano Pace and Bernard Cova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On ‘being there’: A comparison of the effectiveness of sporting event sponsorship among direct and indirect audiences
François Anthony Carrillat, Alain d’Astous, François Bellavance and François Eid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]