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Brand and Co-created Innovation, Special issue of Journal of Brand Management and ANZMAC Brand Management track, 30 Nov-2 Dec 2015

Journal of Brand Management

Special Issue
Harnessing the Power of Brand and Co-created Innovation

ANZMAC conference paper submission deadline: 30th June 2015
Full-length paper submission deadline: 30th November 2015
Anticipated publication date: Mid-2016

Guest Editors:

Professor Mark Uncles (
Associate Professor Liem Ngo (
School of Marketing, UNSW Australia Business School, UNSW Australia


Claims that brand and innovation management are strongly interrelated are not new. Branding is critical to the success of an innovation (e.g. HP’s “Invent”, Toshiba’s “Leading Innovation”, GE’s “Imagination Breakthrough”), while innovation is necessary to keep a brand fresh, up-to-date and relevant. However, we know little about the interdependencies between brand and innovation management, especially in light of new opportunities in digitally empowered marketplaces and in emerging markets. To understand these new trends we invite conceptual and empirical contributions on the following topics:

  • How can branded co-created innovation opportunities be identified and evaluated?
  • What best practices exist for successful co-development and co-implementation of branded innovations?
  • What innovative approaches get customers engaged with brand-building and brand-leveraging activities?
  • What motivates customers to invest in these activities?
  • How effective for innovative new product development are different brand engagement platforms (e.g. customer-to-firm and customer-to-customer)?
  • What are effective co-branding practices and strategies for new product development and new market entry?
  • What drives the co-creation of stakeholder identity and brand identity?
  • What types of brand association are important for firms operating in emerging markets and, in such contexts, how significant is co-created innovation?
  • What is the role of corporate branding in relation to co-created innovation?
  • How can a corporate brand promote sustainable innovations?

How to submit your manuscript:

  • ANZMAC conference papers are to be submitted to the Brand Management Track by 30th June 2015 using the dedicated conference website. Papers must be formatted in accordance with the ANZMAC 2015 style sheet.
  • Full-length journal papers for the Special Issue are to be submitted by email direct to the Guest Editors by 30th November 2015. Papers must be formatted in accordance with the Journal of Brand Management style sheet.
  • The right is reserved to invite authors from other tracks to consider submitting full-length journal papers to the Special Issue.

All papers will be double-blind refereed. Post-refereeing, the Guest Editors will propose a list of publishable papers for consideration by the Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Brand Management – their agreement will be required prior to notifying Authors of final acceptance. The anticipated publication date is mid-2016.



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