Interview on Success in NL


JB Steenkamp, in a video interview, on marketing scholarship in the Netherlands

JB Steenkamp on the Success of Marketing Scholarship in Netherlands

One of the initiatives at Customer Needs and Solutions (CNS) is to encourage the development of top marketing scholarship in emerging markets, especially in China and India. This will not only help develop the scholars there but also help highlight critical marketing problems unique to these markets and encourage research on understudied segments (see editorial: CNS as Venture Capitalist), which can also inform and enrich marketing theory and practice in general. To this end, CNS wants to document and share the lessons learned from the Netherlands, one of the most successful transformations of marketing scholarship at the country level. Rajdeep Grewal (Raj), one of CNS’s senior editors, sat down with Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp (JB) who has personified this remarkable transformation, to reflect on this journey and share his perspectives on related issues.

Excerpts of this interview are printed as a Perspective at CNS and can be downloaded here

The videotaped interview (cut into clips?) are on CNS’s YouTube channel


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