TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 21(9)

Future challenges and opportunities in brand management: An introduction to a commemorative special issue
Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Joachim Kernstock and Shaun M Powell [Publisher] w

Twenty-one years of the Journal of Brand Management: A commemorative review
Shaun M Powell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing and implementing brand architecture strategies
Kevin Lane Keller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The future of luxury: Challenges and opportunities
Jean-Noel Kapferer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The current state and future of brand experience
Bernd H Schmitt, Josko Brakus and Lia Zarantonello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How participation is changing the practice of managing brands
Nicholas Ind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The future of brand and brand management – Some provocative propositions from a more methodological perspective
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Five areas to advance branding theory and practice
T C Melewar and Bang Nguyen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]