TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 46

The marketing-accounting interface – problems and opportunities
Kalle Kraus, Hakan Hakansson, Johnny Lind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer retention: A source of value forserialacquirers
William Y. Degbey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating or destroying value through mergers and acquisitions: A marketing perspective
Mahabubur Rahman, Mary Lambkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do extant management control frameworks fit the alliance setting? A descriptive analysis
Shannon W. Anderson, Margaret H. Christ, Henri C. Dekker, Karen L. Sedatole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer value propositions as interorganizational management accounting to support customer collaboration
Marc Wouters, Markus A. Kirchberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The governance of inter-organisational relationships during different supply chain maturity phases
Evangelia Varoutsa, Robert W. Scapens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The external effect of marketing accountability in business relationships: Exploring the role of customer perceived value
Maja Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, Vesna Zabkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic consequences of alternative make-or-buy configurations
Viktoria Sundquist, Kajsa Hulthen, Lars-Erik Gadde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is the value created necessarily associated with money? On the connections between an innovation process and its monetary dimension: The case of Solibro’s thin-film solar cells
Andrea Perna, Enrico Baraldi, Alexandra Waluszewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service leadership for adaptive selling and effective customer service teams
Alfred Wong, Ying Liu, Dean Tjosvold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Storytelling by the sales force and its effect on buyer–seller exchange
David A. Gilliam, Karen E. Flaherty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary on “Storytelling by the sales force and its effect on buyer–seller exchange” by David Gilliam and Karen Flaherty
Sylvie Lacoste, Antonella La Rocca [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational norms and collaborative activities: Roles in reducing opportunism in marketing channels
Yin Zhou, Xubing Zhang, Guijun Zhuang, Nan Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents to and outcomes of reverse logistics metrics
Benjamin T. Hazen, Robert E. Overstreet, Dianne J. Hall, Joseph R. Huscroft, Joe B. Hanna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding distributor opportunism in a horizontal network
Fue Zeng, Ying Chen, Maggie Chuoyan Dong, Jinhui Zheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Key supplier relationships and product introduction success: The moderating roles of self-enforcement and interdependence between buyer and supplier
Jie Wu, Zefu Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business relationship process management as company dynamic capability improving relationship portfolio
Maciej Mitrega, Gregor Pfajfar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dual capabilities and organizational learning in new product market performance
Haowen Chen, Yuan Li, Yi Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does the use of knowledge integration mechanisms enhance product innovativeness?
Kuen-Hung Tsai, Yi-Chuan Liao, Teresa Tiaojung Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]