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Marketing Education Review, 25(1)

From the Editor
Brian A. Vander Schee [Publisher]

When Theory Meets Practice: A New Approach for Teaching Undergraduate Sales Management Courses
Kelley A. O’Reilly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning the ShamWow: Creating Infomercials to Teach the AIDA Model
Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee & K. Douglas Hoffman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Show and Sell: Teaching Sales Through Hands-on Selling
Cindy B. Rippé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Active Learning to Improve Presentation Skills: The Use of Pecha Kucha in Undergraduate Sales Management Classes
Robert E. McDonald & Joseph M. Derby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Social Media Practicum: An Action-Learning Approach to Social Media Marketing and Analytics
Catherine T. Atwong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Markathon: Adapting the Hackathon Model for an Introductory Marketing Class Project
Michelle Calco & Ann Veeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Art Isn’t Easy . . . But It Makes Learning Easier: Using Art to Improve Cognition
Michael Wachter & Heather Kirkwood-Mazik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Give Them a Tool Kit: Demystifying the Job Search Process for Marketing Students
Paula T. Morris, David LeBaron & Leonard Arvi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adding Badging to a Marketing Simulation to Increase Motivation to Learn
M. Kim Saxton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Illustrating Business Marketing Concepts Through the Value Chain Game
Sara Liao-Troth, Stephanie P. Thomas & G. Scott Webb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]