TOC: J Mar Res


Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2)

Diagnosing Brand Performance: Accounting for the Dynamic Impact of Product Availability with Aggregate Data
Denish Shah, V. Kumar, and Yi Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Bounded Rationality Model of Information Search and Choice in Preference Measurement
Liu (Cathy) Yang, Olivier Toubia, and Martijn G. De Jong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Money, Time, and the Stability of Consumer Preferences
Leonard Lee, Michelle P. Lee, Marco Bertini, Gal Zauberman, and Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Category Prices on Store Price Image Formation: An Empirical Analysis
Carlos J.S. Lourenço, Els Gijsbrechts, and Richard Paap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Challenge of Retaining Customers Acquired with Free Trials
Hannes Datta, Bram Foubert, and Harald J. Van Heerde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managerial Empathy Facilitates Egocentric Predictions of Consumer Preferences
Johannes D. Hattula, Walter Herzog, Darren W. Dahl, and Sven Reinecke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stockpiling Points in Linear Loyalty Programs
Valeria Stourm, Eric T. Bradlow, and Peter S. Fader [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived Risk, Product Returns, and Optimal Resource Allocation: Evidence from a Field Experiment
J. Andrew Petersen and V. Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]