TOC: Intl J Market Res


International Journal of Market Research, 57(2)

Peter Mouncey

Viewpoint: Addressing the market research skills gap
Daniel Nunan

Exploring the drivers of status consumption for the wedding occasion
Bikram Jit Singh Mann and Supreet Kaur Sahni

Yes–no answers versus check-all in self-administered modes: A systematic review and analyses
Mario Callegaro, Michael H. Murakami, Ziv Tepman and Vani Henderson

Effect of using different labels for the scales in a web survey
Melanie Revilla

Why the level-free forced-choice binary measure of brand benefit beliefs works so well
John R. Rossiter, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grün

Measuring the degree of corporate social media use
Thomas Aichner and Frank Jacob

The competitive landscape for leisure: why wide appeal matters
John Scriven, Diana Pérez-Bustamante Yábar, Maria Clemente and Dag Bennett

SRA 2014 – Workshop Session: Behavioural research
Justin Gutmann

SRA 2014 – Workshop session: Maintaining quality
Bob Erens

SRA 2014 – Workshop session: Innovative qualitative methods
Emily Fu and Daniel Clay

SRA 2014 – Ethnography goes digital: Researching professionals using a qualitative mobile app
Isabella Pereira, Chris Perry and Stephen Johnson

But what will people think? Getting beyond social desirability bias by increasing cognitive load
Megan Stodel

Book Review: The Anatomy of Humbug: How to Think Differently about Advertising, by Paul Feldwick
Alan Wilson