TOC: Cornell Hosp Quart


Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 56(2)

Cuba at the Crossroads Revisited
Michael S. LaTour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Message Framing on Hotel Guests’ Linen-Reuse Intentions
Julia E. Blose, Rhonda W. Mack, and Robert E. Pitts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Tourism Clusters on U.S. Hotel Performance
Angel Peiró-Signes, Maria-del-Val Segarra-Oña, Luis Miret-Pastor, and Rohit Verma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employers’ Perspectives about Employing People with Disabilities: A Comparative Study across Industries
Andrew Houtenville and Valentini Kalargyrou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Déjà Vu? An Updated Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in the U.S. Hospitality Sector
Susan S. Fleming [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Latent Class Analysis of Spanish Travelers’ Mobile Internet Usage in Travel Planning and Execution
Shintaro Okazaki, Sara Campo, Luisa Andreu, and Jaime Romero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fool’s Gold? Assessing the Impact of the Value of Airline Loyalty Programs on Brand Equity Perceptions and Share of Wallet
Clay M. Voorhees, Ryan C. White, Michael McCall, and Praneet Randhawa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘I Want to Help’ versus ‘I Am Just Mad’: How Affective Commitment Influences Customer Feedback Decisions
Stephanie Qing Liu and Anna S. Mattila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Responses to Negative Online Hotel Reviews: The Impact of Empathy, Paraphrasing, and Speed
Hyounae Min, Yumi Lim, and Vincent P. Magnini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]