TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 33(2)

The impact of reputation and identity congruence on employer brand attractiveness
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Cityscape promotions and the use of place images at the Olympic Games
John Nadea , Norman O’Reilly and Louise A. Heslop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand equity, satisfaction, and switching costs: An examination of effects in the business-to-business setting
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Diners’ loyalty toward luxury restaurants: the moderating role of product knowledge
Norman Peng and Annie Huiling Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of sound experiences on the shopping behaviour of children and their parents
Bertil M L Hultén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to support consumer-brand relationships: The role of corporate culture and human resource policies and practices
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Brand, identity and corporate reputation
Ming Lim, Joana Cesar Machado and Oriol Iglesias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]