TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 127(3)

Media Coverage and Firm Valuation: Evidence from China
Jiwei Wang & Kangtao Ye

Towards a Research Agenda on the Sustainable and Socially Responsible Management of Agency Workers Through a Flexicurity Model of HRM
Mike Mingqiong Zhang, Timothy Bartram, Nicola McNeil & Peter J. Dowling

Reflexivity in Sustainability Accounting and Management: Transcending the Economic Focus of Corporate Sustainability
Anselm Schneider

Exploring Employee Engagement with (Corporate) Social Responsibility: A Social Exchange Perspective on Organisational Participation
R. E. Slack, S. Corlett & R. Morris

Strategic Alliance Formation and Structural Configuration
Haiying Lin & Nicole Darnall

Comparing the Evolution of CSR Reporting to that of Financial Reporting
Daniel Tschopp & Ronald J. Huefner

Academic Integrity in the Information Age: Virtues of Respect and Responsibility
Tracy S. Manly, Lori N. K. Leonard & Cynthia K. Riemenschneider

Establishing How Natural Environmental Competency, Organizational Social Consciousness, and Innovativeness Relate
Clay Dibrell, Justin B. Craig, Jaemin Kim & Aaron J. Johnson

On Responsibility in China: Understanding and Practice
Xiaohe Lu & Daryl Koehn

Resources and Capabilities of Triple Bottom Line Firms: Going Over Old or Breaking New Ground?
Ante Glavas & Jenny Mish

The Impact of Corporate Volunteering on CSR Image: A Consumer Perspective
Carolin Plewa, Jodie Conduit, Pascale G. Quester & Claire Johnson

Peoples’ Views About the Acceptability of Executive Bonuses and Compensation Policies
Marco Heimann, Étienne Mullet & Jean-François Bonnefon

Evaluation of Sustainability Practices in the United States and Large Corporations
M. Anaam Hashmi, Amal Damanhouri & Divya Rana

Enlightened Shareholder Maximization: Is this Strategy Achievable?
Pamela E. Queen