TOC: J Adv Res


Journal of Advertising Research, 55(1)

How Word of Mouth Works in Advertising
-Geoffrey Precourt

I Love Creative Advertising: What It Is, When to Call for It, and How to Achieve It
-Scott Koslow

Navigating the Peer-Review Process: Reviewers’ Suggestions for a Manuscript: Factors Considered before a Paper Is Accepted or Rejected for the Journal of Advertising Research
-Karen Robson, Leyland Pitt, and Douglas C. West

Digital Word of Mouth and Its Offline Amplification: A Holistic Approach to Leveraging and Amplifying All Forms of WOM
-Gian M. Fulgoni and Andrew Lipsman

Who Decides What to Watch on TV at Home? Insights from People-Meter Data in Mexico: Measuring Co-Viewing and Preference Influences to Help Broadcasters Promote Programming
-José-Domingo Mora, Robert Krider, and Jason Ho

Consumer Reactions to Intrusiveness of Online-Video Advertisements: Do Length, Informativeness, and Humor Help (or Hinder) Marketing Outcomes?
-Kendall Goodrich, Shu Z. Schiller, and Dennis Galletta

How Do Consumers Respond to Storylines in Television Advertisements? A Principal-Components Analysis Tool Helps Decipher Moment-to-Moment Evaluations
-Jennifer L. Burton, Leigh McAlister, and Wayne D. Hoyer

E-Word of Mouth: Early Predictor of Audience Engagement: How Pre-Release “E-WOM” Drives Box-Office Outcomes of Movies
-C. Samuel Craig, William H. Greene, and Anthony Versaci

How Do Teaser Advertisements Boost Word of Mouth about New Products? For Consumers, the Future Is More Exciting Than the Present
-Helge Thorbjørnsen, Paul Ketelaar, Jonathan van ’t Riet, and Micael Dahlén

How Do Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Respond Differently to Interactivity Online? A Model for Predicting Consumer Attitudes and Intentions to Use Digital Information Products
-Colleen P. Kirk, Larry Chiagouris, Vishal Lala, and Jennifer D. E. Thomas

How Credible is E-Word of Mouth across Digital-Marketing Channels? The Roles of Social Capital, Information Richness, and Interactivity
-Shalom Levy and Yaniv Gvili