TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 127(2)

Journal of Business Ethics, 127(2)

Competing Against the Unknown: The Impact of Enabling and Constraining Institutions on the Informal Economy
B. D. Mathias, Sean Lux, T. Russell Crook, Chad Autry & Russell Zaretzki

Examining an Individual’s Legitimacy Judgment Using the Value–Attitude System: The Role of Environmental and Economic Values and Source Credibility
David Finch, David Deephouse & Paul Varella

Developing a Sustainability Credit Score System
Rodrigo Zeidan, Claudio Boechat & Angela Fleury

Tensions in Corporate Sustainability: Towards an Integrative Framework
Tobias Hahn, Jonatan Pinkse, Lutz Preuss & Frank Figge

Jesuit, Catholic, and Green: Evidence from Loyola University Chicago
Omid Sabbaghi & Gerald F. Cavanagh

The Inexorable Sociality of Commerce: The Individual and Others in Adam Smith
David Bevan & Patricia Werhane

Tugging on Heartstrings: Shopping Orientation, Mindset, and Consumer Responses to Cause-Related Marketing
Chun-Tuan Chang & Zhao-Hong Cheng

CEO Gender, Ethical Leadership, and Accounting Conservatism
Simon S. M. Ho, Annie Yuansha Li, Kinsun Tam & Feida Zhang

Does Honesty Result from Moral Will or Moral Grace? Why Moral Identity Matters
Zhi Xing Xu & Hing Keung Ma

Business Ethics After Citizens United: A Contractualist Analysis
David Silver

Toward an Ethical Theory of Organizing
Naveed Yazdani & Hasan S. Murad

Value-Enhancing Capabilities of CSR: A Brief Review of Contemporary Literature
Mahfuja Malik

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Associated with Tax Avoidance?
Roman Lanis & Grant Richardson

Do Personal Values Influence the Propensity for Sustainability Actions? A Policy-Capturing Study
Joel Marcus, Heather A. MacDonald & Lorne M. Sulsky

Linking Market Orientation and Environmental Performance: The Influence of Environmental Strategy, Employee’s Environmental Involvement, and Environmental Product Quality
Yang Chen, Guiyao Tang, Jiafei Jin, Ji Li & Pascal Paillé