TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Review, 36(4)

The thin red line between success and failure: Path dependence in the diffusion of innovative production technologies
Henrich R. Greve and Marc-David L. Seidel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking the letter vs. spirit of the law: How the interpretation of contract violations affects trust and the management of relationships
Derek J. Harmon, Peter H. Kim and Kyle J. Mayer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why strategic factor markets matter: “New” multinationals’ geographic diversification and firm profitability
Heechun Kim, Robert E. Hoskisson and Seung-Hyun Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategy tools-in-use: A framework for understanding “technologies of rationality” in practice
Paula Jarzabkowski and Sarah Kaplan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Services, industry evolution, and the competitive strategies of product firms
Michael A. Cusumano, Steven J. Kahl and Fernando F. Suarez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How much does owner type matter for firm performance? Manufacturing firms in China 1998–2007
Fan Xia and Gordon Walker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The social underpinnings of absorptive capacity: The moderating effects of structural holes on innovation generation based on external knowledge
Marco Tortoriello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond institutional voids: Business groups, incomplete markets, and organizational form
K. S. Manikandan and J. Ramachandran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When much more of a difference makes a difference: Social comparison and tournaments in the CEO’s top team
Jason W. Ridge, Federico Aime and Margaret A. White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]