TOC: Soc Mar Quart


Social Marketing Quarterly, 21(1)

Smokey the Bear Should Come to the Beach: Using Mascot to Promote Marine Conservation
Daniel Hayden and Benjamin Dills [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using a Randomized Voucher Experiment to Determine Demand for Carbon Monoxide Alarms in a Social Marketing Program
David Bishai, Adria Haimann, Elise Perry, Wendy Shields, Andrea Gielen, and Eileen McDonald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Case Studies

Impact of an Online Birth Control Support Network on Unintended Pregnancy
Jill Antonishak, Kelleen Kaye, and Lawrence Swiader [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Program Evaluation of a Sanitation Marketing Campaign Among the Bai in China: A Strategy for Cysticercosis Reduction
Mary Kathryn Dickey, Robert John, Helene Carabin, and Xiao-Nong Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tools From the Field

Social Marketing and If You Can?t Fix It, Feature It!
Moshe Engelberg, Teresa Sanchez, and Jessa Engelberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]