TOC: Mar Theory


Marketing Theory, 15(1)

Why psychoanalysis now?
Robert Cluley and John Desmond [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Marketing on the couch: Commentaries on psychoanalysis and marketing

Marketing on the couch: Sidney and psychoanalysis
Sidney J. Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some reflections on psychoanalytic approaches to marketing and consumer research
Morris B. Holbrook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Note on the marginalizing of psychoanalysis in marketing
John O’Shaughnessy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

YouTube on the couch: Psychoanalytic challenges in a digital age
Russell Belk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identity, choice and consumer freedom ? the new opiates? A psychoanalytic interrogation
Yiannis Gabriel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The other side of marketing and advertising: Psychoanalysis, art and addiction
Rik Loose [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Mobilizing the depths of the market: Motivation research and the making of the disembedded consumer
Stefan Schwarzkopf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The unconscious processing information
Paul J. Albanese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guilt and ethical choice in consumption: A psychoanalytic perspective
Andreas Chatzidakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ericksonian therapy as a grounding for a theory of persuasive marketing dialogue
Chris Miles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disconnected/connected: On the ?look? and the ?gaze? of cell phones
Ian Reyes, Nikhilesh Dholakia, and Jennifer K. Bonoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robert Grafton Small [Publisher] [Google Scholar]