TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 58(1)

Managing by Design
Marc Gruber, Nick de Leon, Gerard George, and Paul Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Professional Image Maintenance: How Women Navigate Pregnancy in the Workplace
Laura M. Little, Virginia Smith Major, Amanda S. Hinojosa, and Debra L. Nelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If They Can Do It, Why Not Us? Competitors as Reference Points for Justifying Escalation of Commitment
Kai-Yu Hsieh, Wenpin Tsai, and Ming-Jer Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who Defers to Whom and Why? Dual Pathways Linking Demographic Differences and Dyadic Deference to Team Effectiveness
Aparna Joshi and Andrew P. Knight [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I Need Time! Exploring Pathways to Compliance under Institutional Complexity
Aafke G. M. Raaijmakers, Patrick A. M. Vermeulen, Marius T. H. Meeus, and Charlene Zietsma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Collective Organizational Engagement: Linking Motivational Antecedents, Strategic Implementation, and Firm Performance
Murray R. Barrick, Gary R. Thurgood, Troy A. Smith, and Stephen H. Courtright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Help-Seeking and Help-Giving as an Organizational Routine: Continual Engagement in Innovative Work
Stine Grodal, Andrew J. Nelson, and Rosanne M. Siino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investor Perceptions of Financial Misconduct: The Heterogeneous Contamination of Bystander Firms
Srikanth Paruchuri and Vilmos F. Misangyi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fashion with a Foreign Flair: Professional Experiences Abroad Facilitate the Creative Innovations of Organizations
Frédéric C. Godart, William W. Maddux, Andrew V. Shipilov, and Adam D. Galinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Real Options Logic Revisited: The Performance Effects of Alternative Resource Allocation Regimes
Ronald Klingebiel and Ron Adner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Early Implementations Influence Later Adoptions of Innovation: Social Positioning and Skill Reproduction in the Diffusion of Robotic Surgery
Amelia Compagni, Valentina Mele, and Davide Ravasi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ostracism, Self-Esteem, and Job Performance: When Do We Self-Verify and When Do We Self-Enhance?
D. Lance Ferris, Huiwen Lian, Douglas J. Brown, and Rachel Morrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diplomas, Photos, and Tchotchkes as Symbolic Self-Representations: Understanding Employees’ Individual Use of Symbols
Kris Byron and Gregory A. Laurence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]