TOC: Econometrica


Econometrica, 83(1)

Estimation of Nonparametric Models With Simultaneity
Rosa L. Matzkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Input Supplies and Directed Technical Change
W. Walker Hanlon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumption Dynamics During Recessions
David Berger and Joseph Vavra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large-Scale Field Experiment
Thomas Blake, Chris Nosko and Steven Tadelis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Characterization of Rationalizable Consumer Behavior
Philip J. Reny [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agency Models With Frequent Actions
Tomasz Sadzik and Ennio Stacchetti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time and No Lotteries: An Axiomatization of Maxmin Expected Utility
Asen Kochov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds
Gara Afonso and Ricardo Lagos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moment Inequalities and Their Application
A. Pakes, J. Porter, Kate Ho and Joy Ishii [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time Consistency: Stationarity and Time Invariance
Yoram Halevy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Learning, Smooth Approximate Optimal Behavior, and Convergence to e-Nash Equilibrium
Yuichi Noguchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comment on “Can Relaxation of Beliefs Rationalize the Winner’s Curse?: An Experimental Study”
Miguel A. Costa-Gomes and Makoto Shimoji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]