Ethnography and Culture


Ethnography and Culture from the Antipodes and Asia, Special issue of Australasian Marketing Journal; Deadline 31 Mar 2015

Special Issue- Ethnography and Culture from the Antipodes and Asia
Guest Editor – Jan Brace-Govan

This special issue invites submissions that have engaged with business or consumer culture through ethnography. Ethnography is a venerable research tradition of anthropology which has been critiqued and revised over more than a century and a half. Its value to the marketing discipline was exemplified by Belk, Wallendorf and Sherry (1989) with the Odyssey project. Ethnography remains a vibrant means of investigation and useful tool for market researchers both academic and practitioner (Cayla & Arnould 2013) with relevance to business environments (Gebhardt, Carpenter & Sherry 2006) and consumer communities (Kozinets 2002; 2006; 2010). The aim of this special issue is to shine a light on the value of ethnography in offering insight into market mediated activities and practices from management practice to consumers’ everyday lives.

Selected papers submitted to the ANZAMC 2014 Ethnography and Culture stream will be invited to prepare a lengthier and more detailed submission for the AMJ.

Other submissions can be sent to Jan

Papers can be between 7,000 and 8,000 words in total length including references and comply with the AMJ requirements as at:

They must be original and not be submitted elsewhere.

Target publication date is December 2015.

Please submit directly to the AMJ by the 31st of March 2015.


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