TOC: European J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 49(1/2)

The role of brands in the behavior and purchase decisions of compulsive versus noncompulsive buyers
Csilla Horváth, Marcel van Birgelen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate heritage identity stewardship: a corporate marketing perspective
Mario Burghausen, John M.T. Balmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Names versus faces: examining spokesperson-based congruency effects in advertising
Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey Baxter, Alicia Kulczynski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer knowledge discrimination
Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Michael Brusco, Ronald Goldsmith, Charles Hofacker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consonants in brand names influence brand gender perceptions
Amelie Guevremont, Bianca Grohmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Publishing success of marketing academics: antecedents and outcomes
James E. Richard, Geoff Plimmer, Kim-Shyan Fam, Charles Campbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of brand design on brand gender perceptions and brand preference
Theo Lieven, Bianca Grohmann, Andreas Herrmann, Jan R. Landwehr, Miriam van Tilburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How shopping orientation influences the effectiveness of monetary and nonmonetary promotions
Oliver B. Büttner, Arnd Florack, Anja S. Göritz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mandatory use of technology-based self-service: does expertise help or hurt?
Machiel Reinders, Ruud Frambach, Mirella Kleijnen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Utilitarian and hedonic promotional appeals of 99-ending prices: The influence of decision-making style
Charlotte Gaston-Breton, Lola C. Duque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defective co-creation: Developing a typology of consumer dysfunction in professional services
Dominique A Greer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the effectiveness of consumer creativity in online marketing communications
Jintao Wu, Na Wen, Wenyu Dou, Junsong Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]