Behavioral Finance & Economics


Philadelphia, 16-18 Sep 2015; Deadline 24 Apr

Behavioral Finance & Economics- 2015

September 16-18, 2015, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Call for Papers, Seminars, & Participation

Objectives. The Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics offers a dedicated forum for exchange of research findings and professional advancement related to the fast-growing field of behavioral finance and economics. The objective of the annual conference is to encourage and disseminate research and inquiry in the very promising area of Behavioral Finance & Economics. Theoretical, Empirical/Experimental, and Applied works that involve the application of PSYCHOLOGY and all other social sciences, as well as Neuroscience, to all areas of financial decision-making and practice will be considered for presentation at the conference. Such works include, but are not limited to, the followings:

A. Development of New Financial & Economic Models and Theories for the Post-2008 (Post-Efficient Markets) World;

B. Contributions to Advance our Understanding and Knowledge of:

  1. Business Decision Making Under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainly;
  2. Firm Entry and Exit Processes;
  3. Investment in and Workings of Financial Markets at all levels of functionality and capital allocation- including both public and private aspects;
  4. Financial Management of Companies- both public and private entities;
  5. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Venture Capital;
  6. Sustainable Finance and Markets;
  7. Control Fraud, Corporatism, and Market Failures;
  8. Teaching, Learning, and Training- ranging from case development to other pedagogical issues;

C. Applications- Behavioral Finance in Practice:

  1. Evidence-Based Financial Planning: Generally-Accepted Best Practices;
  2. Nudging Clients/Understanding Clients Behavior;
  3. The Trading and Investing Brain/Neurofinance/Neuroeconomics;
  4. Retirement Saving and Planning for Individuals;
  5. Trust and Role of Trust in Investment Management, Markets, Policy, and Regulation;
  6. Behavioral Value Investing;
  7. Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning for Companies;
  8. Other Business, Economic, and Legal Endeavors Involving Decision Making- including literature review on Decision Processes and related concepts, models, and theories.

Awards for the Robert A. Olsen Best Doctoral Student Papers in Behavioral Finance & Economics. Upon request at the time of submission, dissertations and/or research papers submitted by doctoral students from across the world will be further reviewed by the Program Committee, and up to three (3) Best Papers will be selected for special recognition at our 2015 ABF&E Annual Meeting. Recognition includes receiving:

  1. Academy’s "Award Certificate for the Robert A. Olsen Best Doctoral Student Paper in Behavioral Finance & Economics",
  2. A $500.00 prize check, and
  3. Consideration for publishing, upon the winners’ written request, the selected papers in The Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics- JBF&E.

Submission of Papers, Abstracts, and Seminars for Presentation. To submit your completed paper, detailed abstract, or seminar proposal, simply click on the following URL and follow the related instructions. The submission fee is $45.00. To submit, click here:

Submission Deadline is April 24, 2015; Early Submission is Encouraged

Notifications of results will be emailed to all respondents generally in three (3) weeks from the date of submission.

Special Sessions and Panels/Workshops. Persons interested in organizing a Special Session or Panel/Workshop should submit a letter of interest, along with a short bio using the deadline and instructions above.