TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 14(1)

Exploring the role of discourse in marketing and consumer research
James Fitchett and Robert Caruana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The stability and sales contribution of heavy-buying households
Jenni Romaniuk and Samuel Wight [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The persuasive effectiveness of mini-films: Narrative transportation and fantasy proneness
Tsai Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of consumer embarrassment on shopping basket size and value: A study of the millennial consumer
Bridget Satinover Nichols, David Raska and Daniel J. Flint [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Green consumerism: The influence of product attributes and values on purchasing intentions
Geertje Schuitema and Judith I. M. de Groot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]