TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 126(2)

Patterns of Corporate Responsibility Practices for High Financial Performance: Evidence from Three Chinese Societies
Na Ni , Carolyn Egri , Carlos Lo & Carol Yeh-Yun Lin

Definition, Conceptualization, and Measurement of Corporate Environmental Performance: A Critical Examination of a Multidimensional Construct
C. Trumpp , J. Endrikat , C. Zopf & E. Guenther

Status, Peer Influence, and Racio-ethnic Diversity in Times of Institutional Change: An Examination from European Labour Law
Padma Rao Sahib

Social Responsibility, Quality of Work Life and Motivation to Contribute in the Nigerian Society
Constantine Imafidon Tongo

Organizational Justice and Job Outcomes: Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethic
Khurram Khan , Muhammad Abbas , Asma Gul & Usman Raja

University Lecturers’ Intention to Teach an Ethics Course: A Test of Competing Models
Pi-Yueh Cheng

Organisational Harmony as a Value in Family Businesses and Its Influence on Performance
M. Carmen Ruiz Jiménez , Manuel Carlos Vallejo Martos & Rocío Martínez Jiménez

Ethical Leadership Influence at Organizations: Evidence from the Field
Ozgur Demirtas

Battling the Devolution in the Research on Corporate Philanthropy
Kellie Liket & Ana Simaens

Corporate Governance in a Risk Society
Anselm Schneider & Andreas Georg Scherer