TOC: J Acad Mar Sci


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 43(1)

The loss of the marketing department’s influence: is it really happening? And why worry?
Christian Homburg , Arnd Vomberg , Margit Enke & Philipp H. Grimm

Marketing an IPO issuer in early stages of the IPO process
S. Cem Bahadir , Jade S. DeKinder & Ajay K. Kohli

Dispersion of marketing capabilities: impact on marketing’s influence and business unit outcomes
Michael T. Krush , Ravipreet S. Sohi & Amit Saini

Explaining article influence: capturing article citability and its dynamic effects
Shibo Li , Eugene Sivadas & Mark S. Johnson

Structural marketing: using organizational structure to achieve marketing objectives
Ju-Yeon Lee , Irina V. Kozlenkova & Robert W. Palmatier

A holistic market conceptualization
Cristina Mele , Jaqueline Pels & Kaj Storbacka

A new criterion for assessing discriminant validity in variance-based structural equation modeling
Jörg Henseler , Christian M. Ringle & Marko Sarstedt