TOC: J Supply Chain Man


Journal of Supply Chain Management, 51(1)

Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets: Critical Research Issues
Barbara Flynn, Xiaowen Huang and Xiande Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Topic Forum

Implementing Supply Chain Technologies in Emerging Markets: An Institutional Theory Perspective
John P. Saldanha, John E. Mello, A. Michael Knemeyer and T.A.S. Vijayaraghavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adaptation of Foreign Logistics Service Providers’ Resources and Capabilities to a New Institutional Environment
Inga-Lena Darkow, Markus Weidmann and Harri Lorentz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Theory of the Nexus Supplier: A Critical Supplier From A Network Perspective
Tingting Yan, Thomas Y. Choi, Yusoon Kim and Yang Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drivers of Supplier Sustainability: Moving Beyond Compliance to Commitment
Kai Foerstl, Arash Azadegan, Thomas Leppelt and Evi Hartmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]