TOC: J Con Psych


Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(1)

‘Share and scare’: Solving the communication dilemma of early adopters with a high need for uniqueness
Sarit Moldovan, Yael Steinhart, Shlomit Ofen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dual payoff scenario warnings on credit card statements elicit suboptimal payoff decisions
Hal E. Hershfield, Neal J. Roese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To have in order to do: Exploring the effects of consuming experiential products on well-being
Darwin A. Guevarra, Ryan T. Howell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“I can almost taste it:” Why people with strong positive emotions experience higher levels of food craving, salivation and eating intentions
David J. Moore, Sara Konrath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Individual differences in interpersonal touch: On the development, validation, and use of the “comfort with interpersonal touch” (CIT) scale
Andrea Webb, Joann Peck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of perceptual congruence on the effectiveness of cause-related marketing campaigns
Andrew Kuo, Dan Hamilton Rice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sins of omission versus commission: Cross-cultural differences in brand-switching due to dissatisfaction induced by individual versus group action and inaction
Sharon Ng, Hakkyun Kim, Akshay R. Rao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of mortality salience on the relative effectiveness of donation appeals
Fengyan Cai, Robert S. Wyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can’t finish what you started? The effect of climactic interruption on behavior
Daniella M. Kupor, Taly Reich, Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why recommend a brand face-to-face but not on Facebook? How word-of-mouth on online social sites differs from traditional word-of-mouth
Andreas B. Eisingerich, HaeEun Helen Chun, Yeyi Liu, He (Michael) Jia, Simon J. Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting gender differences: What we know and what lies ahead
Joan Meyers-Levy, Barbara Loken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On consumption happiness: A research dialogue
Michel Tuan Pham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A wonderful life: experiential consumption and the pursuit of happiness
Thomas Gilovich, Amit Kumar, Lily Jampol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From experiential psychology to consumer experience
Bernd Schmitt, J. Joško Brakus, Lia Zarantonello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building a science of spending: Lessons from the past and directions for the future
Elizabeth W. Dunn, Aaron C. Weidman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The beach, the bikini, and the best buy: Replies to Dunn and Weidman, and to Schmitt, Brakus, and Zarantonello
Thomas Gilovich, Amit Kumar, Lily Jampol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]