Qualtrics SurveyMod Competition


For use of Qualtrics in innovative ways

Qualtrics is excited to announce the Qualtrics $10K SurveyMod Competition — a competition that rewards students, faculty, and university staff for using Qualtrics in innovative ways: Qualtrics to rate a first date? Qualtrics as an online scheduler? Qualtrics as an order and check out form? We’re always excited to discover the creative ways Qualtrics can be used. What will you build?

The first 500 applicants to enter the $10K SurveyMod Competition will receive a free Qualtrics hoodie. The top three SurveyMods will split $10K.

Deadline to submit is January 31.

Details and further information at:


You can contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback.

John Hyde