TOC: J Direct Data Digital Mar Prac


Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 16(2)


Softening up the marketplace for skills
David Reed FIDM [Publisher]

The new (and ever-evolving) direct and digital marketing ecosystem
Merlin Stone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Holistic customer insight as an engine of growth
Paul Laughlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time to take control? How to manage your own marketing resource allocation
Julian Berry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The revolution will be digitized
Steve Baggi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

National email benchmarking report 2013
Yashraj Jain and Raka Garg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The voice as a relationship milestone
Bhavesh Vaghela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Layered media test drives sales for The Co-operative Energy
Pamela Bath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Behaviour change and copy: Tackling Bangor University Library and Archives Service debts
Eleanor Heather, Bill Hilton, Philip Nelson and Tony Heaton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Virtual communities’ antecedents and marketing dynamism: An empirical study of tourists visiting Varanasi
Punita Duhan and Anurag Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


DMA publishes new code
Stephen Groom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Free’ claims in apps and games: More regulator action
Thomas Spanyol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facebook changes its Platform Policy in respect of in-game purchases and incentivizing page ‘likes’
Ben Dunham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ofcom acts and consults on silent calls
Manana Shrimpling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Big data and data protection paper from ICO
Sue Gold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CAP top tips for affiliate marketers (and PhonepayPlus pipes up, too)
Anna Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bavarian DPA takes tough line on email encryption
Hendrik Schottle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

ICO publishes draft privacy seal scheme
Sue Gold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Big VAT changes for B2C supply of e-services in the EU
Mark Brailsford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


SOSTAC: The guide to the perfect digital marketing plan
David Reed FIDM [Publisher]

It’s not the size of the data [mdash] It’s how you use it
David Reed FIDM [Publisher]

Marketing transformations: Re-thinking marketing, digital first
Julia Wolny [Publisher]