TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 58(1)

Creativity: What do you want and where do you want it?
Marc J. Dollinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flawed by design: Why Penn State’s recent governance reforms won’t work and what should be done instead
David J. Ketchen, Charles C. Snow, Alice W. Pope [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

That’s not fair! Clarifying copyright and trademark fair use for business managers
Eve J. Brown, Paul F. Nagy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Checkmate: Using political skill to recognize and capitalize on opportunities in the ‘game’ of organizational life
Charn P. McAllister, B. Parker Ellen, Pamela L. Perrewé, Gerald R. Ferris, Daniel J. Hirsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will social media kill branding?
Chiranjeev Kohli, Rajneesh Suri, Anuj Kapoor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media and related technology: Drivers of change in managing the contemporary sales force
William C. Moncrief, Greg W. Marshall, John M. Rudd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital innovation strategy: A framework for diagnosing and improving digital product and service innovation
Daniel Nylén, Jonny Holmström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate responses to online music piracy: Strategic lessons for the challenge of additive manufacturing
Mathew Appleyard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to work a crowd: Developing crowd capital through crowdsourcing
John Prpic, Prashant P. Shukla, Jan H. Kietzmann, Ian P. McCarthy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to compete effectively against low-cost competitors
Barry Berman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking customer relationships
Lance A. Bettencourt, Christopher P. Blocker, Mark B. Houston, Daniel J. Flint [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic sustainability: Creating business value with life cycle analysis
Holger Buxel, Gökçe Esenduran, Scott Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchasing: Can we bridge the gap between strategy and daily reality?
Desirée Knoppen, María J. Sáenz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]