TOC: Intl J Emerging Markets


International Journal of Emerging Markets, 10(1)

The bottom of the pyramid: an integrative approach
Samuel Rabino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The link between export relationship quality, performance and expectation of continuing the relationship: a South Asia exporters’ perspective
A.F.M. Jalal Ahamed , Kåre Skallerud [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Two paths to diversification: performance implications of related diversification across two dimensions in professional service firms
Karthik Dhandapani , Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inorganic growth of technology sector firms in emerging markets: influence of firm-specific factors in Indian firms’ M&A activities
ARINDAM DAS , Sheeba Kapil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer ethnocentrism and consumer animosity: antecedents and consequences
Pilar Fernández-Ferrín , Belén Bande-Vilela , Jill Gabrielle Klein , M. Luisa del Río-Araújo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Justification of generational cohort segmentation in South Africa
Helen Inseng Duh , Miemie F. Struwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thai consumers’ purchase decisions and private label brands
Kandapa Thanasuta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does explicit comparative advertising affect Indian consumers’ attitudes towards low and high-involvement product?
Varsha Jain , Rohit h Trivedi , Vikrant Joshi , Aarzoo Daswani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing issues for business-to-business firms entering emerging markets: an investigation among Italian companies in Eastern Europe
Fabio Cassia , Francesca Magno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The rise of the BRICS and their challenge to the G7
Golam Mostafa , Monowar Mahmood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]