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Students will create a marketing campaign for DIRECTV in the 2014-2015 Marketing EDGE Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge

Marketing EDGE, formerly DMEF

DIRECTV – Marketing Challenge

Marketing EDGE is pleased to announce that DIRECTV is the subject of this year’s Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge. Visit: for details. And below, please find a brief synopsis:

The Challenge

Create an integrated marketing campaign using all direct and interactive channels; e-mail, website, print/direct mail, social media, on-air spots, existing customer communications, with a goal of increasing the number of subscriptions that are driven through the Refer a Friend program. A well designed campaign will focus on motivating and engaging existing DIRECTV subscribers with the Refer a Friend website to facilitate their referring activity and promote repeat referrals.

Target Audience

All 20 million existing DIRECTV subscribers.


$1MM – your proposal should have a full national reach.

Rewards of Participation

This Challenge may be used as part of your curriculum, as a marketing or advertising club activity, as an independent study project for your students, or as an optional assignment to students. Giving students the experience of a real-world marketing challenge helps them build their resumes and is a great discussion topic at internship or entry level job interviews. Cash prizes are awarded to the winning undergraduate teams. Schools that field winning undergraduate teams are eligible for scholarship grants to be awarded to deserving students.

For details, visit:

Marketing EDGE | 1120 Avenue of the Americas | New York, NY 10036-6700 USA