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Special issue of Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, Editors C. Anthony Di Benedetto and Sang-Lin Han; Proposal deadline 31 Mar

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Special Issue of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science


The Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science is pleased to announce an upcoming Special Issue on Global Business-to-Business Marketing. Business-to-business marketing poses unique challenges. Unlike consumer marketing, both the buyer and the seller are likely to be represented by a team of individuals, with differing experiences and educational backgrounds, and often with conflicting goals. The buying process is likely to involve requests for formal proposals and often will involve competitive bid pricing. Expensive business-to-business products and services may be sold on the basis of life cycle pricing, in which the high price may be offset by long-term savings throughout the life of the product. While the buying process is usually characterized as more rational than the consumer buying process, emotions may still drive some business-to-business decision making. All of these issues are more difficult if the decisions involve radically new business products or services, and are doubly complex if multiple countries are involved in the decisions as cultural differences will complicate matters.

The main objective of this special issue is to advance our understanding of business-to-business marketing in the global context, as well as to develop a theoretical and managerial perspective on how best to leverage global capabilities in business-to-business marketing. Topics will focus on, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How large firms with multiple global R&D or manufacturing sites organize their operations for business-to-business marketing decisions (e.g., how do they decide which decisions are made globally while others are made at the regional or local level).
  • How firms with a global presence in the marketplace make strategic business-to-business marketing decisions such as make or buy, supplier country selection, outsourcing manufacturing or services, etc.
  • How firms with a global presence in the marketplace make tactical business-to-business marketing decisions (promotion, pricing, distribution, logistics, etc.), and how they decide whether to adapt these decisions to customers in different global markets.
  • How firms make decisions about global open innovation partners: how many to have, how long the contract is, how the select the best global partner, how successful open innovations have been, how difficulties between companies or cultures were overcome, etc.
  • How firms compete against firms in the manufacture and distribution of business-to-business goods and services.
  • How B2B companies deal with the various marketing issues such as customer-supplier relationship, B2B service, brand, B2B CSR, etc.

We encourage work that examines global business-to-business marketing in combination with empirical data. However, conceptual manuscripts will also be considered. The co-editors of the special issue are Anthony Di Benedetto of Temple University and Sang-Lin Han of Hanyang University. The deadline for submitting your paper proposal (1,000 words) is March 31, 2015. Invitations for submitting a full paper will be sent on April 15, 2015. The deadline for full papers is May 31, 2015. Proposal submissions in MSWORD format should be e-mailed to

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Co-Editors of Special Issue of JGSMS on Global Business-to-Business Marketing

  • C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Temple University
  • Sang-Lin Han, Hanyang University

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