TOC: J Retailing


Journal of Retailing, 90(4)

From the Editor: Reflections on the 2012–2014 period
Shankar Ganesan [Publisher]

A Network Bidder Behavior Model in Online Auctions: A Case of Fine Art Auctions
Mayukh Dass, Srinivas K. Reddy, Dawn Iacobucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contrasting the Drivers of Switching Intent and Switching Behavior in Contractual Service Settings
Jochen Wirtz, Ping Xiao, Jeongwen Chiang, Naresh Malhotra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gift Cards and Gifted Cash: The Impact of Fit between Gift Type and Message Construal
Qing Yao, Rong Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Investigation of Composite Product Choice
Kalpesh Kaushik Desai, Dinesh Kumar Gauri, Yu Ma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simple Decision Aids and Consumer Decision Making
Nicholas H. Lurie, Na Wen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Beauty in the Aisles of the Retailer? Package Processing in Visually Complex Contexts
Ulrich R. Orth, Roberta C. Crouch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selling Vertically Differentiated Products under One Roof or Two? A Signaling Model of a Retailer’s Roof Policies
Xubing Zhang, Yong Cao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Recent versus The Out-Dated: An Experimental Examination of the Time-Variant Effects of Online Consumer Reviews
Liyin Jin, Bingyan Hu, Yanqun He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Affect versus Cognition in the Chain from Perceived Quality to Customer Loyalty: The Roles of Product Beliefs and Experience
Björn Frank, Boris Herbas Torrico, Takao Enkawa, Shane J. Schvaneveldt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Retailers Benefit from Deploying Customer Analytics?
Frank Germann, Gary L. Lilien, Lars Fiedler, Matthias Kraus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]