TOC: Elec Markets


Electronic Markets, 24(4)

Editorial 24/4: Electronic markets and business models
Rainer Alt & Hans-Dieter Zimmermann [Publisher]

Status of business model and electronic market research:An interview with Paul Timmers
Rainer Alt & Hans-Dieter Zimmermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Status of business model and electronic market research: An interview with Alexander Osterwalder
Rainer Alt & Hans-Dieter Zimmermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Electronic market research and the impact of consumerization: An interview with Hubert Österle
Rainer Alt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital services for consumers
Jan Marco Leimeister, Hubert Österle & Steven Alter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Converting freemium customers from free to premium—the role of the perceived premium fit in the case of music as a service
Thomas M. Wagner, Alexander Benlian & Thomas Hess [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does service convenience matter? An empirical assessment of service quality, service convenience and exchange relationship in electronic mediated environment
Hua Dai & Al F. Salam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influencing customer’s purchase intentions through firm participation in online consumer communities
Leslie Jordan Albert, Nitin Aggarwal & Timothy R. Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reason and reaction: the dual route of the decision-making process on Facebook fan pages
Aikaterini Manthiou, Liang Rebecca Tang & Robert Bosselman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]