TOC: Org Res


Organizational Research Methods, 18(1)

An Overview and Practical Guide to IRT Measurement Equivalence Analysis
Louis Tay, Adam W Meade, and Mengyang Cao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Count-Based Research in Management: Suggestions for Improvement
Dane P. Blevins, Eric W. K. Tsang, and Seth M. Spain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

All Things in Moderation, Including Tests of Mediation (at Least Some of the Time)
Jeffrey B. Vancouver and Bruce W. Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Bayesian Primer for the Organizational Sciences: The ‘Two Sources’ and an Introduction to BugsXLA
Andrew T. Jebb and Sang Eun Woo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

New Techniques for Evaluating Temporal Consistency
Justin A. DeSimone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]