Revisit: Winter AMA 2015


Teaching and Learning SIG activities at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference, San Antonio, 13-15 Feb 2015

AMA Teaching and Learning SIG Special Session at 2015 Winter Educator’s Meeting

Reception Following Special Session

Teaching & Learning Creatively: Pedagogical Innovations to Stimulate Intellectual Curiosity

The ability to enrich student learning is fundamental to the educational process and requires a broad range of talents. A truly great educator will inspire students through a well-grounded approach to stimulating intellectual curiosity and growth, while maintaining high standards of performance.

The session will capture the best-of-the-best in terms of educational innovations in marketing. Each panelist will focus on a specific innovative pedagogical tool with regards to delivering innovative teaching. Details about each of the innovative creations will be provided so that other educators can use the innovative teaching techniques in their own classrooms. Each panelist will explain: (1) the innovation, (2) the deliverable for the innovation, and (3) the characteristics of the innovation that made it a successful pedagogical approach.

The panelists are: Delancy Bennett, Colin Campbell, Vicky Crittenden, Richard Hanna, Colleen Kirk, Daniel Korschun, Felicia Lassk, Andrew Rohm, Scott Swain, and David Williams. The panelists come to the panel with varied backgrounds – from relatively new professors in the classroom to the more experienced professors, from small colleges to large universities, and from processes that impact a large audience of students to projects within a smaller classroom domain.

In the relatively large panel, our hope is to hear just enough about the innovative project or process to capture interest. Then, panelists can have more in-depth discussions with audience members over drinks at the conference, online post-conference, and even in collaboration as projects described by the panelists are adapted to new classrooms. Thus, in addition to the sharing of innovative teaching ideas, another goal of this special session is to create an environment of longer-term engagement on innovative teaching.

T&L SIG Reception immediately after the Special Session.