TOC: Mar Sci


Marketing Science, 33(6)

Synergy or Interference: The Effect of Product Placement on Commercial Break Audience Decline
David A. Schweidel, Natasha Zhang Foutz, and Robin J. Tanner

Competitor Orientation and the Evolution of Business Markets
Neil Bendle and Mark Vandenbosch

Why Do Salespeople Spend So Much Time Lobbying for Low Prices?
Duncan Simester and Juanjuan Zhang

Why, When, and How Much to Entertain Consumers in Advertisements? A Web-Based Facial Tracking Field Study
Thales Teixeira, Rosalind Picard, and Rana el Kaliouby

Models of Sequential Evaluation in Best-Worst Choice Tasks
Tatiana Dyachenko, Rebecca Walker Reczek, and Greg M. Allenby

Organizational Structure and Gray Markets
Romana L. Autrey, Francesco Bova, and David A. Soberman

Usage Experience with Decision Aids and Evolution of Online Purchase Behavior
Savannah Wei Shi and Jie Zhang