TOC: Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 25(4)

Perceptions of price (un)fairness in a channel context
Mark Ratchford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A picture tells a thousand words: Impact of an educational nutrition booklet on nutrition label gazing
Marieke C. Pennings, Tricia Striano & Susan Oliverio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impulse versus opportunistic purchasing during a grocery shopping experience
Francesco Massara, Robert D. Melara & Sandra S. Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of perceived product-extrinsic cue incongruity on consumption experiences: The case of celebrity sponsorship
Sarah Clemente, Eric Dolansky, Antonia Mantonakis & Katherine White [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Star power in the eye of the beholder: A study of the influence of stars in the movie industry
Angela Liu, Yong Liu & Tridib Mazumdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Light as a feather: Effects of packaging imagery on sensory product impressions and brand evaluation
Thomas J. L. Rompay, Marieke L. Fransen & Bianca G. D. Borgelink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of buyer–seller relationships and reference prices on the effectiveness of the pay what you want pricing mechanism
Ju-Young Kim, Katharina Kaufmann & Manuel Stegemann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A pricing model for group-buying auction based on customers’ waiting-time
Mahyar Sharif Vaghefi, Mahrad Sharif Vaghefi & Neshat Beheshti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]