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3rd International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation, Nicosia, 10-11 Jun 2015; Deadline 1 Mar


The Department of Marketing of the University of Nicosia is pleased to announce that it will be hosting and organizing the:

3rd International Colloquium on

 Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation (COBIIR):

Current and Future Trends, Developments and Challenges

June 10-11, 2015 – Nicosia, Cyprus


                                                                         Founder and Chair:

Professor T C Melewar

Middlesex University London, UK

Conference Chairs:

Professor Demetris Vrontis, Professor Ioanna Papasolomou and Dr Yioula Melanthiou

Department of Marketing, University of Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus



A selection of papers presented at the colloquium will be invited to be reviewed for publication in one of the following journals: 

Journal of Product and Brand Management
EuroMed Journal of Business


3rd International Colloquium on

 Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation (COBIIR): Current and Future Trends, Developments and Challenges 


Corporate branding is an art and a science.  Many business people recognise that the most valuable asset a firm has is its corporate reputation. Even though competitors can copy products, processes, prices and promotional campaigns they cannot reproduce strongly held beliefs and attitudes embedded in customers’ and stakeholders’ minds.   Creating and nurturing a strong corporate brand poses considerable challenges. Brands vary in the amount of power and value they have in the marketplace. Some are unknown to most buyers others have a high degree of brand awareness and others enjoy a high degree of brand preference and loyalty. A powerful brand has high brand equity which can be perceived as a reflection of a brand’s market share. Building brand equity demands considerable marketing efforts and investment. But high brand equity provides a company with many competitive advantages. A powerful brand enjoys a high level of consumer brand awareness, performance, quality, reputation and loyalty.  The colloquium acts as a forum for examining current and future trends in corporate branding, identity, image and reputation in public and private sector marketing in varying cultural environments, not only in Europe but across the globe. A congruence of themes on corporate branding, reputation and identity linked to the public and private sectors will be discussed. We invite papers which examine the firms’ ability to link and articulate their identity through various organisational practices, create and constantly attempt to influence the impressions of their corporate body among their various constituencies and stakeholder groups, use their employees to deliver and strengthen their corporate brands, measure the impact of corporate identity and reputation on corporate performance, and study how customers seek to engage with an organisation and what it offers. The colloquium also welcomes papers that discuss marketing programmes and activities implemented by organisations in order to build, measure, and manage brand equity.  

Papers that incorporate current thinking and developments by both academics and practitioners, combine a comprehensive theoretical foundation with practical insights, and provide insights to assist managers in their daily decision making and long-term brand decisions are especially welcomed. The themes of this colloquium can be interpreted broadly. Papers can either be empirical, conceptual or practical.  Papers can also adopt a multidisciplinary approach or can be guided by different perspectives.

We are particularly eager to attract submissions from international participants engaged in high quality research which explore new ideas on branding, organisational identity and reputation.  Abstracts must be submitted by the 1st of March 2015. Full papers must be submitted by the 30th of September (after the colloquium) so as to incorporate the respective feedback and comments received during the colloquium. These will then be reviewed for possible inclusion in one of the Special Issues.

Suggested topics:


·      Corporate branding, reputation, image and identity

·      Financial reputation and corporate performance

·      Organisational identity and corporate marketing

·      Aesthetic, design and visual dimensions of branding        

·      Corporate identity and its management

·      Consumer research and corporate marketing

·      Creating and sustaining ethical corporate identities           

·      The management of corporate brands and identities

·      Place, nation branding and the world order in a global marketplace

·      Social media and global brand management

·      Corporate social responsibility and branding         

·      Digital, ‘emerging’ media and the brand

·      The impact of user-generated reviews on brand equity internal brand and employee engagement

·      B2B branding: organisation Identity and corporate strategy

·      The negative impact and evaluation of brands

·      Research methods for branding

·      Luxury, symbols and identity

Abstract deadline: 1st March 2015

Full paper deadline: 30th September 2015

 Prospective contributors with queries concerning potential contributions should contact Prof. Ioanna Papasolomou (Email: or Dr Yioula Melanthiou (Email: ).

 Abstracts and Full papers should be submitted to Prof Ioanna Papasolomou (Email: and copied to Dr Yioula Melanthiou (Email:


  Abstract:  maximum 1000 words