TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 20(5)

Impediments to Adoption of Green Products: An ISM Analysis
Vishnu Nath, Rupesh Kumar, Rajat Agrawal, Aditya Gautam & Vinay Sharma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Meaning or Sound? The Effects of Brand Name Fluency on Brand Recall and Willingness to Buy
Sangwon Lee & Daniel W. Baack [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Corporate Side of the Blogosphere: Examining the Variations of Design and Engagement Among Fortune 500 Blogs
Richard D. Waters, Paromita Ghosh, Traci D. Griggs & Eileen M. Searson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitude of Muslim Consumers Toward Sex Appeal in Advertising: A Comparative Study Between Subcultures in Malaysia
Ahmed Rageh Ismail & T. C. Melewar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segmenting Green Consumers in the United States: Implications for Green Marketing
Jin Seong Park & Jinhee Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Power of Creative Advertising and Consumers’ Perceived Risk
Maysam Shirkhodaee & Saeed Rezaee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Advertising Antecedents to and Consequences of Brand Experience
Widyarso Roswinanto & David Strutton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stalking the “Vividness Effect” in the Preventive Health Message: The Moderating Role of Argument Quality on the Effectiveness of Message Vividness
Jun Myers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Responses Toward Corporate Crisis and Corporate Advertising
Sojung Kim & Lucy Jane Atkinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Navigation Trumps Visual Dynamism: Hospital Website Usability and Credibility
Melissa A. Johnson & Kelly Norris Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]