TOC: Psych Bull


Psychological Bulletin, 140(6)

Mind-wandering, cognition, and performance: A theory-driven meta-analysis of attention regulation.
Randall, Jason G.; Oswald, Frederick L.; Beier, Margaret E.

The effect of testing versus restudy on retention: A meta-analytic review of the testing effect.
Rowland, Christopher A.

Toward a neurology of loneliness.
Cacioppo, Stephanie; Capitanio, John P.; Cacioppo, John T.

The benefits associated with volunteering among seniors: A critical review and recommendations for future research.
Anderson, Nicole D.; Damianakis, Thecla; Kröger, Edeltraut; Wagner, Laura M.; Dawson, Deirdre R.; Binns, Malcolm A.; Bernstein, Syrelle; Caspi, Eilon; Cook, Suzanne L.

Phonological coding during reading.
Leinenger, Mallorie

Ingroup favoritism in cooperation: A meta-analysis.
Balliet, Daniel; Wu, Junhui; De Dreu, Carsten K. W.

Coping flexibility and psychological adjustment to stressful life changes: A meta-analytic review.
Cheng, Cecilia; Lau, Hi-Po Bobo; Chan, Man-Pui Sally

Empathy: A motivated account.
Zaki, Jamil