TOC: J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 30(15/16)

Revisiting contemporary issues in family consumption
Ben Kerrane, Shona M. Bettany & Margaret K. Hogg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing family structures and childhood socialisation: a study of leisure consumption
Philippa Hunter-Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Edging out of the nest: emerging adults’ use of smartphones in maintaining and transforming family relationships
Caroline Marchant & Stephanie O’Donohoe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Faith, hope and love: family through consuming pilgrimage
Leighanne Higgins & Kathy Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The hidden work of coping: gender and the micro-politics of household consumption in times of austerity
Benedetta Cappellini, Alessandra Marilli & Elizabeth Parsons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When nutritional guidelines and life collide: family fruit and vegetable socialisation practices in low socioeconomic communities
Stephanie M. Judd, Joshua D. Newton, Fiona J. Newton & Michael T. Ewing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From overt provider to invisible presence: discursive shifts in advertising portrayals of the father in Good Housekeeping, 1950–2010
David Marshall, Teresa Davis, Margaret K. Hogg, Tanja Schneider & Alan Petersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Like a member of the family: including and excluding paid caregivers in performances of family
Michelle Barnhart, Aimee Dinnin Huff & June Cotte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From pushchairs to wheelchairs: understanding tensions in family decision making through the experiences of adult children caring for ageing parents
Dianne Dean, Jean Kellie & Pat Mould [Publisher] [Google Scholar]