TOC: J Con Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 48(3)

Credit Card Indebtedness and Psychological Well-Being Over Time: Empirical Evidence from a Household Survey
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Why People Do Not Always Follow the Doctor’s Orders: The Role of Hope and Perceived Control
Suzanne C. Makarem, Michael F. Smith, Susan M. Mudambi And James M. Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Shapes Assessment of Ability to Pay for Children’s College Education?
Youngmi Kim, Jin Huang And Michael Sherraden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Health Consciousness and Familiarity with DTCA on Perceptions of Dietary Supplements
Marla B. Royne, Alexa K. Fox, George D. Deitz And Tyler Gibson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Young People Are The Front Lines Of Financial Inclusion: A Review Of 45 Years Of Research
Terri Friedline And Mary Rauktis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complex Samples and Regression-Based Inference: Considerations For Consumer Researchers
Robert B. Nielsen And Martin C. Seay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do They Have Your Number? Understanding the Moderating Role of Format Effects and Consumer Numeracy for Quantitative Front-of-Package Nutrition Claims
Andrea H. Tangari, Scot Burton And Cassandra Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changes over Time in College Student Credit Card Attitudes and Debt: Evidence from One Campus
Jill M. Norvilitis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission a Global Leader in Consumer Product Safety
Inez M. Tenenbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]