LINKS Services Competition


LINKS Global Services Marketing and Services Operations Student Competitions, Mar-Apr 2015

You are invited to join the March-April/2015 LINKS Global Services Competition by entering one or more student teams, a whole class, or multiple classes.

LINKS Global Services Competition Highlights:

  • Cross-Institution 6-Round Services Simulation Competitions
  • Your Student Teams Compete Against Student Teams From Other Institutions
  • Challenges Students in an Intense Team-Based Cross-Institution Competition
  • For Students in Academic Degree-Granting Programs Worldwide
  • Targeted at Upper-Level Undergraduates and All MBAs

Two separate LINKS Global Services Competitions are offered:

  1. The LINKS Services Marketing Simulation competition for students in introductory and elective marketing courses (including services marketing, marketing management, and marketing strategy courses).
  2. The LINKS Services Operations Management Simulation competition for students students in introductory and elective operations management and supply chain management courses.

Details about the March-April/2014 LINKS Global Services Competition (scheduling, student eligibility, costs, and registration procedure) are accessible via the LINKS Global Competition link on the LINKS website:

Participating in a LINKS Global Services Competition is an alternative instructional/learning opportunity to the traditional usage of LINKS within a single instructor’s course (i.e., an event with students from a single course conducted according to the course instructor’s preferred scheduling).

Instructors with questions about the LINKS Global Services Competition, are invited to contact
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