TOC: European J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 48(9/10)

The bigger society: considering lived consumption experiences in managing social change around obesity
James Cronin , Mary McCarthy , Mary Brennan , Sinéad McCarthy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Acculturation and consumer loyalty among immigrants: a cross-national study
Sigal Segev , Ayalla Ruvio , Aviv Shoham , Dalia Velan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

User-generated content behaviour of the dissatisfied service customer
Caterina Presi , Charalampos Saridakis , Susanna Hartmans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Promoting boundary-spanning behavior among service personnel
Jaewon (Jay) Yoo , Todd J. Arnold , Gary L. Frankwick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interplay of products from the same product line: the role of brand reputation
Mauricio Palmeira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The franchise relationship in China: agency and institutional theory perspectives
Anne Marie Doherty , Xiaomin Chen , Nicholas Alexander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The intertwined relationships of power, justice and dependence
Jessica J. Hoppner , David A. Griffith , ChangSeob Yeo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of customer information during new product development on profits from goods and services
Lars Witell , Anders Gustafsson , Michael D. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multichannel advertising: does print advertising affect search engine advertising?
Rainer Olbrich , Carsten D. Schultz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chief marketing officer’s equity incentives: economic determinants and effects on shareholder value
Michele Fabrizi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking brand architecture: a study on industry, company- and product-level drivers of branding strategy
Andreas Strebinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Standing out from the crowd: niche product choice as a form of conspicuous consumption
Tobias Schaefers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The mediating impact of stickiness and loyalty on word-of-mouth promotion of retail websites: A consumer perspective
Sanjit Kumar Roy , Walfried M. Lassar , Gul T. Butaney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Store image influences in consumers’ perceptions of store brands: the moderating role of value consciousness
Elena Delgado-Ballester , Miguel Hernandez-Espallardo , Augusto Rodriguez-Orejuela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does channel decentralization lead to low quality product lines?
Hwan Chung , Eunkyu Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How funny was that? Uncovering humor mechanisms
Nathalie Spielmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]