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Global Sales Science Institute 2015 Conference, Hiroshima, 12-14 Jun 2015

Global Sales Science Institute Conference
Hiroshima, Japan June 12-14 2015
Call for Papers
 “Sales Force Skill Development: How Can We Improve Selling Ability?

Today’s salesperson faces a multitude of tasks and requires a wide variety of skills.  Yet the steps needed to provide salespeople with the right skills in a global economy are not clear.  What skills are needed to be successful in today’s complex selling environment?  How are companies developing these skills in their sales force members? As the sales role increasingly becomes more strategic, research is needed to understand the tactics and processes available to truly optimize sales force effectiveness. 

This topic, as well as related topics, will be explored at the upcoming 2015 GSSI Conference in Hiroshima, Japan June 12-14, 2015. Accordingly, the GSSI is seeking papers that deal with different aspects of sales force skill development and its relation to firm performance. The conference will have presentations of peer-reviewed papers, as well as panel discussions and invited keynote addresses by noted practitioners.  All topics related to sales management and personal selling, are invited. Papers can range from theory development to concepts for measurement and modeling to testing propositions in empirical and experimental studies. Particularly welcome are papers based on cross-cultural studies and/or presenting international implications. 

Deadline for Paper and Proposal Submissions:

Please submit a full paper or a five-page structured abstract to:

Dawn Deeter-Schmelz
Conference Co-Chair

by February 1, 2014.

The GSSI 2015 Conference, co-organized by Hiroshima University of Economics (Japan) and Kansas State University (US) will be held at the Miyajima Seminar House “Seifu-Kan (???)”, Hiroshima University of Economics, located in Miyajima island (40 minutes from Hiroshima station, plus 45 minutes from Hiroshima Airport). The conference will include a tour of Miyajima Island, one of the top three scenic spots in Japan (