Managerial Decision-Making


Managerial Decision-Making in Marketing, Special issue of the Journal of Marketing Behavior, Edited by Berend Wierenga; Deadline 1 Sep 2015

Managerial Decision-making in Marketing (MDM)

Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing Behavior (JMB)


Berend Wierenga

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Call for papers

Decision making is the core of marketing management. Therefore, the nature and quality of managerial decision making in marketing are key success factors for a company. The purpose of this Special Issue is to publish research that contributes to our insights into managerial decision-making in marketing (MDM) and its effects on the performance of the organization. The focus of this special issue is the behavior of marketing decision makers. This behavior may refer to marketing professionals of all possible ranks, from Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s), marketing managers, brand managers, sales managers, to marketing advertising managers, and marketing research managers, and the context of these marketing professionals can be any industry.

Possible topics of this Special Issue (non-exclusive list):

  • How do marketers make decisions?
    • Analysis versus intuition in MDM (dual process model approaches)
    • Convergent and divergent thinking, analogies end creativity
    • Information acquisition and information processing
    • Time aspects of marketing decisions and the impact of time pressure
    • Individual versus team decision making in marketing
  • Heuristics and biases in MDM
  • Marketing expertise
    • The nature of marketing expertise; general versus industry-specific marketing expertise
    • Measurement of marketing expertise
    • Determinants of marketing expertise (e.g. education, experience, thinking style, etc.)
    • Marketing expertise as an explanatory factor for marketing results
  • Learning in marketing management
    • Learning by example versus learning by abstraction
    • The Formation of managerial perceptions, for example about customers and competition
    • Managers’ learning about uncertainty
    • Contextual influences on marketers’ learning
  • Use and effects of marketing decision aids
    • Marketing management support systems
    • Marketing models and marketing dashboards
    • MDM in the era of Big Data


Papers in this special issue may use a broad variety of methods, such as analysis of existing databases, direct monitoring/observation of decision-making behavior, interviews and surveys, case studies, management games, experiments (lab or field), and brain research methods.

Besides empirical papers, conceptual papers are also welcome for this Special Issue.


Papers should be sent to the guest-editor: Berend Wierenga (

You can also contact him with questions about possible contributions. He hopes to hear from you.

The closing date for submitting papers is September 1, 2015.