TOC: Struct Equation Modeling


Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 21(4)

Multiple-Group Factor Analysis Alignment
Tihomir Asparouhov & Bengt Muthén [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Data-Generating Mechanisms Versus Constructively Defined Latent Variables in Multitrait–Multimethod Analysis: A Comment on Castro-Schilo, Widaman, and Grimm (2013)
Christian Geiser, Tobias Koch & Michael Eid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward Improving the Modeling of MTMM Data: A Response to Geiser, Koch, and Eid (2014)
Laura Castro-Schilo, Keith F. Widaman & Kevin J. Grimm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effect Size, Statistical Power, and Sample Size Requirements for the Bootstrap Likelihood Ratio Test in Latent Class Analysis
John J. Dziak, Stephanie T. Lanza & Xianming Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluation of Test Statistics for Robust Structural Equation Modeling With Nonnormal Missing Data
Xin Tong, Zhiyong Zhang & Ke-Hai Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing Measurement Invariance Across Groups in Longitudinal Data: Multigroup Second-Order Latent Growth Model
Eun Sook Kim & Victor L. Willson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Analysis of Multivariate Group Differences Using Common Principal Components
Timo M. Bechger, María J. Blanca & Gunter Maris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Population Proportion of Explained Variance in Principal Component Analysis: A Note on Its Evaluation Via a Large-Sample Approach
Tenko Raykov & George A. Marcoulides [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reassessing the Effect of Survey Characteristics on Common Method Bias in Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies Assessment
Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet, Melanie Revilla, Willem E. Saris, Richard Boyatzis & Ricard Serlavós [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Longitudinal Dynamic Analyses of Depression and Academic Achievement in the Hawaiian High Schools Health Survey Using Contemporary Latent Variable Change Models
John J. McArdle, Fumiaki Hamagami, Janice Y. Chang & Earl S. Hishinuma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Teacher’s Corner

Fitting Nonlinear Latent Growth Curve Models With Individually Varying Time Points
Sonya K. Sterba [Publisher]

Book Reviews

Review of Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling, by Todd D. Little
Brock Ternes [Publisher]

Review of Advances in Longitudinal Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, edited by Jeffrey R. Harring and Gregory R. Hancock
Ryan P. Bowles [Publisher]