Mobile Targeting, Big Data and Social


Mobile Targeting, Big Data, and Digital Social Media Marketing, M?nchen, 6 Mar 2015, Chairs Xueming Luo, Anindya Ghose, Russell Winer and Manfred Schwaiger; Deadline 6 Feb

Temple University Fox Business School Global Center for Big Data in Mobile Analytics

in cooperation with

New York University, Stern School of Business

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institut für Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung / Institute for Market-based Management


Mobile Targeting, Big Data, and Digital Social Media Marketing: Germany Symposium 2015

March 6, 2015
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
München, Germany

Mobiles and smart devices are changing how people live and work. There is an exploding amount of mobile data around the world. The conference is geared towards research and discussion on the effects of Mobile Big Data analytics on customers, brands, marketing, and social media strategy. For this reason, the conference will cater to a broader audience spanning scholars and practitioners in marketing, advertising, branding, MIS, economics and statistics.

Possible topics may include:

  • Mobile targeting in retailing, banking, e-commerce, automotive industries
  • Mobile Geo-social targeting with facebook/twitter,
  • Mobile dayparting with hours of the day effects
  • Mobile Geo-conquesting with competitive and combative advertising,
  • Geofenced marketing messages,
  • Geotag-enabled social sharing,
  • Mobile geo-fencing and work-family confliction resolution
  • Mapping/visualizing mobile social networks
  • Mobile App design
  • Mobile gaming
  • Cross-channel cross-platform integration of mobile ads
  • Mobile OTO online to offline/offline to online conversion

Deadline for submission is Feb 6, 2015.

Conference Website and Register Online at:


Conference Chairs: Xueming Luo (Temple), Anindya Ghose and Russell Winer (NYU), and Manfred Schwaiger (LMU)

Conference Program Board Members:

  • Pradeep Chintagunta (Chicago), Chicago Booth School of Business
  • JP Dube (Chicago), Chicago Booth School of Business
  • K Sudhir (Yale), Yale School of Management
  • Yuchi Zhang (Temple), Fox School of Business
  • Juanjuan Zhang (MIT), Sloan School of Management