TOC: Services Mar Quart


Services Marketing Quarterly, 35(4)

Effectiveness of Environmental Advertising for Hotels
Kara Chan & Xing Han [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Suggesting a More Effective Way to Use the Promotional Mix in Services
Marsha D. Loda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value Co-Creation: Factors Affecting Discretionary Effort Exertion
Praveen Aggarwal & Amiya K. Basu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How the Service Characteristics of News Require Media Organizations to Transition to a Marketing Orientation
T. F. J. Steyn & Elanie Steyn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail Services Survival in an Economic Crisis Context
Manuela Vega-Vázquez, Ma Ángeles Oviedo-García & Mario Castellanos-Verdugo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring Exercise Involvement Among Fitness Centers’ Members: Is It Related With Their Satisfaction?
Efi Tsitskari, Shayne Quick & Anastasia Tsakiraki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]